In January 2013 I packed up my suitcases (one filled almost completely with shoes) and flew to Tokyo, Japan. There were a few reasons for this decision…

1) The experience! I have a Masters in Tourism, and until recently hadn’t been off the North American continent. Not so much for lack of desire, but rather lack of funds and a passport. Now that those hurdles are cleared, living in Japan provides the opportunity to gain the international experience I’ve wanted.

2) To lose weight! I’m slightly kidding about this one…slightly. However, I do believe the Japanese diet and way of life holds some beautiful secrets to health and wellbeing we’ve forgotten in the Western hemisphere. I’m eagerly searching for a balanced lifestyle that will push me into a better state of physical and mental health.

3) I happen to know a really handsome guy currently living in Japan. After a long year apart, we now get to experience the Eastern world together!

4) Most importantly, I believe throwing oneself into an environment completely out of comfort allows unique opportunities for reflection and learning. So many of us question the meaning of life, or more specifically our own specific purpose in life, at one point or another. As a creative, energetic, sometimes misunderstood individual still looking for my niche, I’m hoping to learn as much about myself as I do the the culture and people around me.

Read, comment, follow along as I find what works, what doesn’t, and what’s worth seeing in the Land of the Rising Sun.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love this! Thrilled to see you writing. You write so beautifully. Traveling changes you. I think it’s a mixture of the impact of the new and different, along with the solitude that defines traveling. Though you may not be physically alone, you’re in a group or surrounded by people, solitude is very present. You’re more prone to acknowledge and hear your thoughts, and to ride that wave. Don’t know how you’re surviving without an oven. Kudos to you! Happy adventure! Can’t wait to read more.

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